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Elite Technology Foundation IBI (D5) Tech-Fund and the fund manager, IBI Mutual Fund Management (1978) Ltd. (“IBI”), attach great importance to maintaining information security, as well as the privacy of their customers who are visiting the website.

The following are the main details of the information security policy, and privacy policy used by IBI in connection with the information stored during the visit to IBI’s website:

  1. Information retention – in order to optimize and improve the services provided by IBI, during the visit to the site, there may be personal information collected about visitors, such as: Name, residential address, email address, etc. It is clarified that this information is obtained when the site’ visitor provides it of his/her own free will (for example, when requesting to contact him/her).
  2. Use of cookies – IBI uses cookies technology for the convenience of the visitor of the website and to examine the use of the visitor in the website. IBI may use the aforesaid at its sole discretion. “Cookies” are an information file that is sent to the visitor’s personal computer and stored in it after entering IBI’s website. Its role is to examine the use of the site, and to enable the visitor’s information to be quickly identified when returning to the site.
  3. Use of Information, Protection and Confidentiality – IBI invests a great deal of efforts and resources to protect the information it receives from visitors of the website. IBI uses “secure browsing” technology, so its servers are not directly connected to the Internet, but are isolated through several layers of protection designed to prevent damage to servers containing information, including personal information of the website visitors. In addition, IBI uses TLS technology to encrypt the personal information transmitted to IBI from the website visitors. IBI undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information, subject to the provisions of the Privacy Protection Act, 1981, and other relevant laws. Any information provided by the website visitors will constitute an approval by the website visitor to IBI and / or on its behalf to use the information provided. IBI may, in its sole discretion, use the collected information for statistical processing, segmentation, etc. In some cases, IBI may transfer the information to a third party, subject to the provisions of the law. It should be clarified that, despite the identification measures taken by IBI as a precautionary measure, there may be various risks associated with the use of the website, which include: Viruses, worms, Trojans, software applications, infiltration of databases, phishing, errors, disclosure and / or alteration of information by anyone unauthorized, etc. In any event, IBI or anyone on its behalf will not send you any request for your account details and password, and such notification, if sent, will be fictitious and will be a phishing attempt to abuse your information.
  4. Precautions and rules for safe browsing – To verify that you are browsing the secure area of IBI’s website, please make sure that the URL listed on the IBI login page consists of the letters; https rather than http, and there is a header bar lock, indicating encrypted communication. Click the lock icon that appears on screens that require customer identification. Double-clicking on the lock will display a digital certificate confirming that it is an IBI website. You must verify that the certificate has been issued for IBI and that it is valid.
  5. General – It should be clarified that IBI is not responsible for the privacy policy and information security of websites whose links appear on the site. The above is valid with respect to IBI website only. By using the website, including the services provided by IBI in the website, the website visitor acknowledges that it is known to him/her that IBI does everything in its power to protect personal information, but cannot guarantee that those precautions will provide complete immunity to IBI’s systems infiltration. IBI shall not be held liable in the event of any information leaked and the visitor shall not make any demand and / or claim and / or lawsuit and / or complaint in the event of such infiltration. The website visitor agrees and approves IBI’s Information Security and Privacy Policy. IBI reserves the right to change and / or update this policy from time to time. Such updates will be posted on the website and take effect at the time of publication.


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“The Company” – Elite Technology Foundation IBI (D5) Tech-Fund and / or the Fund Manager, IBI Mutual Fund Management (1978) Ltd.

“Subscriber” and / or “Subscribers” – any person and / or corporation and / or any other entity entering their details on the Company’s website and / or any other Company document.


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